Creating your own mosaic masterpiece is exceptionally enjoyable and a fabulously rewarding way to fill your leisure time! Mosaics are created using small pieces of colored stone, glass, tiles, ceramics or any other durable material to form the picture or pattern of your choice. If your favorite patterned dish breaks, don’t throw it away – use the techniques found in our activities to give it new life and continue to enjoy its beautiful patterns in a different form!

This ancient craft form has been revived in recent years and you’ll be amazed at what striking, modern items you can make with mosaics. Did you know that this craft has its own jargon? Each piece of material is called a “tessera” and the space for the grout between the tesserae is called an “interstice”. There are also common patterns of mosaic such as straight lines, grids and flowing lines. Of course, there are no rules – feel free to play with the tesserae and lay them out in any style that you like!

Another great thing about mosaics for people who don’t feel confident enough to draw their own designs is that you can transfer any picture you like onto your item. Simply trace it onto the surface you wish to decorate. When working with mosaics, it’s wise to bear in mind what you wish to use your item for and to choose the most suitable kind of tesserae for your object’s purpose.

Remember the following tips to get the most out of your mosaic:
Your choice of glues and adhesives can make a big difference to your project. Use either waterproof glue specially produced for mosaics (available in craft stores) or cement-based tile glues. And if you’re using pieces of mirror, it’s best to use mirror glue for long-lasting preservation of your creation. Whatever your preference, remember to apply the glue to the back of the tesserae for best results! You can also buy the grout you need for your project at any craft store but make sure it’s smooth when you use it. If it’s lumpy, it’s old and you shouldn’t use it! Also, remember to clean each tessera well before applying it.