Glass Crafts


Glass is a common material found in every home in the form of bowls, bottles, vases, paperweights and many other decorative and functional items. While glass is an exceptionally strong material, able to withstand large amounts of force, it breaks easily under tension. For crafters, this can be good news – glass is widely available as a craft tool and the possibilities are endless when it comes to the things you can make from broken bits of glass! Even when not broken, glass can be cut into desired shapes to work and create with. 

Did you know that glass is made out of sand and that the natural color of glass, before it’s processed for our use, is blue-green? Or that its color can be changed either by painting on the glass, etching on glass or by mixing natural metals with the glass in its liquid form? Naturally occurring glass has been in use since the Stone Age and glass has been used to glaze ceramics since as early as 3000BD. It’s no wonder that glass crafts have remained popular up until modern times!

Our glass craft activities are simple to make, but the techniques require practice and precision, so it’s worth practicing to perfect your skills. But it’s worth it – once you’ve got the techniques down (such as bottle cutting), it’s easy to fall in love with this art and even easier to fall in love with your creations.