Etching on glass

Add a design or pattern to any clear glass using a special cream. The cream etches the surface to make it resemble frosted glass.

The etching cream produces a pattern on plain glass by eating into the surface. Apply it directly to the surface of small areas of clean plain glass. Stir the cream well before use and check for any crystals. If crystals have formed in the cream it’s due to incorrect storage – it shouldn’t be stored below 18°C/ 64°F. If crystals have formed, set the container in a larger plastic or heatproof bowl and pour boiling water around it. Stir the cream well until the crystals dissolve.
Always follow the safety precautions on the container as the etching cream is toxic and can burn your skin.If you do get the cream on your skin, wash it off immediately with plenty of cold water.
The cream won’t work properly if the glass isn’t spotlessly clean – you need to clean the glass with methylated spirit.

Use etching cream on ∙ glasses and tumblers ∙ clear glass vases ∙ storage jars ∙ glass panels on doors.

If etching wine glasses, clean and etch the outside bowl of the glass first, before doing the same to the stem.


Methylated spirit

Soft cloth

Clear glass, such as a wine glass

Rubber gloves
Etching cream
Small artist’s paintbrush


Use methylated spirit and a clean soft cloth to remove grease and dirt from the glass. Clean one area at a time and etch it before cleaning the next section to be etched.


Apply etching cream in a pattern to the outside of the glass using a brush and wearing rubber gloves. You can mask off areas, as necessary, according to the pattern you want.


Leave the glass to stand for at least 15 minutes so that the etching cream has time to eat into the glass. Wash the etching cream off thoroughly in plenty of water.


Once you have got rid of all the etching cream, wash the glass again in clean warm water and polish it with a soft cloth to reveal the etched pattern. If you’re etching a whole set of glasses, apply the etching cream to each glass in turn, and wash the cream off in the same order that you applied it.




Use self adhesive stickers in various shapes or masking tape to mask off areas of the glass you don’t want to etch and to create a pattern