Twisted Candles

These unusual, elegant candles make wonderful gifts. Or you can make them to enjoy as a table centerpiece to add a romantic mood to any meal. Warm, dipped candles can be made into all sorts of interesting shapes by molding them when they're still warm

Candle making is a great activity for children, but NEVER allow them to work with hot wax unattended!


Freshly made, warm candles (see dipped candles)

Rolling pin

Sharp knife

Melted wax for over-dipping (optional)



It's a great idea to have everything you need ready and to work on an uncluttered surface to avoid messes and accidents!

***When making dipped candles to be molded, do NOT harden the wax by dipping the candle into water between emersions into the wax.

Mold your twisted candle when it is still warm – if the candle becomes difficult to mold, place it into molten wax for about 3-5 seconds. Leave it for about 30 seconds thereafter before you try to twist it again.

Roll the warm candle out until it's about 6mm/1/4in thick. Turn the candle over between rolls to keep the candle even. Leave the bottom 2cm/3/4in unrolled to give the candle a stable base.

Holding the unrolled base in one hand and the wick end between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand, gently pull and twist the candle. Be careful not to push on it too hard with your fingers to prevent fingerprints.

Simply continue twisting until you achieve the effect you like. Leave the candle to cool for an hour, or dip it into a jug of cold water.
When cool, trim the base, leaving enough to allow the candle to stand upright in a standard, round candle holder.


twisted candles


You can create a stunning effect by over-dipping your candle: two dips give your candle a shiny coat. You can also play by over-dipping in different colors to give your candle an interesting shade.