Ice-Textured Candles


Never leave wax unattended while being heated!


1 25mm/1in long candle

Rigid plastic candle mould



Dye disc

Double boiler

125g/4oz paraffin wax

Wax thermometer

Plastic additive

Rolling pin


Plastic bag

Small bowl


This is such a quick and easy technique which produces a delicate, lacy effect. When you pack ice into a candle mould, the wax sets into lacy patterns as it sets around the ice. However, since these candles are particularly delicate, you need to include a plastic additive in the wax to strengthen the candle.
Instead of using a wick, you'll need to use a narrow, 25mm/1in ready made candle as the wick. This prevents the candle from going out in the case of water being trapped in the candle.


It's a great idea to have everything you need ready and to work on an uncluttered surface to avoid messes and accidents!

Insert the ready-made candle to be used as a wick into the mould, cutting it to the required length. Make sure that the wick from the candle protrudes from the end of the candle mould.

Scrape a little dye from the disc into the double boiler and add the paraffin wax. Melt and heat the wax to a temperature of 99ºC/210ºF. Add the plastic additive, melt and check the temperature again.

Crush the ice in a plastic bag, using the rolling pin, but be careful not to crush it too finely!

Stand the mould end down in a bowl and fill it with crushed ice, making sure that the candle wick stays in the center of the mould. Pour the melted wax over the ice to fill the mould. Leave the candle to stand in the bowl for an hour, during which time the ice will melt and the water will flow into the bowl. Don't forget to let the candle set while standing in a bowl to collect the water from the crushed ice as it melts. For this reason, don't seal the end of the mould with mould seal, otherwise the water will be trapped. After the candle has set, you can polish it with white spirit and kitchen paper.



You shouldn't light ice-textured candles for at least 24 hours after you make them. This will ensure that they are thoroughly dry. For another lovely touch, add some fragrant essence of your choice for a candle that creates a beautiful aroma when burning.